Battle of the Sexes 2015


Someone once said of our Radio show “You don’t just play the game: Battle of the Sexes” your WHOLE SHOW is The Battle of the Sexes.”

I thought that was a very wise observation. For me, in addition to providing all of the other fun, entertaining elements, our show gave insight to both sides on how the opposite sex thinks.

Nowhere is this more evident in the difference between how women and men feel about Christmas decorations. Over the years I have quietly taken a step back from actually placing decorations around our house. I let Lynn do it. Not to avoid disagreements, but because she has great taste…she takes her time…she thinks about how everything “goes together”…basically because our house looks better when I stay out of it. Last night she explained to me the fine art of letting a Christmas bulb hang off of a branch…not just hook-on to any spot that will hold it.

The end result is obvious…Womantree=elegance and warm beauty. Man-tree= a triangle shaped, shiny mountain.



This is a big change from the way we guys decorate a tree. We look at tree decorating the same way we’d make a pizza: The More The Better.

So I’ll remain happy being the person who brings the tree up from the basement…puts it up and makes sure it’s straight…make sure all the lights work…bring up the ornaments…find the step-ladder…then step back…leave the room…go make a pizza.

Chick Pie:


Dude Pie:


As always…I appreciate your feedback.

Happy December, Everybody!




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