FollowUp and New People Poll-Question

Well Now I know why all the Italian guys are so confident with the ladies…

Seriously…this doesn’t make sense on the surface. I’ve O.D.’ed on garlic in food form and I can smell it in my sweat…not a winner! So how does garlic on a man create an attractive scent to women? Is it subconscious ? I’ve heard psychologists say that a woman will sometimes find a man attractive if he smells like her Father. Perhaps what’s really happening is that eating garlic enhances a man’s personal scent, and it might simply make a guy smell like Dad’s big ol’ bear-hug after a hard day at work?


Of course this conversation gets creepy in a hurry, so I’ll simply ask this:

“Ladies, what’s your favorite scent on a man?”

I’ll be surprised if the answer given most often isn’t “His natural scent.”…

Paging Dr. Freud….


Thank You, to all who commented on the hot topic of the “Man Buns” this week. Overwhelmingly, you Ladies voted it down for a variety of reasons. So any guys wondering about wearing their long hair in a bun should probably think twice.-Jim


How do you create balance in this high-tech world?

Check out this very appropriate jab at how our phones are “sucking” our lives away….

As I try to figure out a new way to communicate with you via technology…either a Livestream broadcast in the morning, a Periscope App, or a YouTube channel, or even a podcast, I find myself spending more and more time with my face sucked into a screen.


Granted, I’m an old guy…I am just barely making my way into a world that’s been out there for quite a while now, and anyone under 30 can do this in seconds (have you ever given your device to a 10 year old when you need to get something to work?)

I’ll get there…

I’m trying something “new” and I’m a pretty quick study but I hate getting so amped up I stay awake long after Lynn’s gone to bed, trying to figure out how to make this all work. I remember when computers first became available for home-use and it took six hours just to get your dot matrix printer to work. A tech-guy once told me the best accessory to buy when installing new things on your computer is a big clock, so you can see how much time you’re wasting.

But I’m back at that point where I’m starting to think this work should be tempered. Maybe I should start following some “rules” to keep the balance? I hate driving around seeing 4 out of 5 drivers either on the phone or worse. I already have my own rule about “no phone when sitting down to eat or drink”, whether I’m at home or out with people.


But here I am composing this blog-post, while I should be on the road taking care of an errand.

What “rules” do you and your family have? A friend of ours is a Mom and she has a “no devices from 4-8pm every night-rule” for her kids. I think that’s a good one. Lynn and I have never discussed it, but if one of us is talking, the other puts down the phone or laptop to offer undivided attention. I think that’s just plain courtesy.

I’m looking forward to your feedback…as always,



Why do we INSIST on making sure WE are always entertained?

OK…this dad is obviously having a good time. Is it because of the skateboard-stroller, or the fact the The Good Lord made him to look like Matthew McConaughey? It DOES look like fun, but is “fun” suppose to be a part of protecting your kid from injuries? If he hits something, or someone pulls out, the kid is the “bumper” on this thing.

g. baby-carriage-longboard-stroller-quinny-10

Here’s the link explaining this thing:

This brings me to a pet-peeve of mine:

We, as parents, deny ourselves nothing when it comes to parenting time. I see Moms pushing a stroller with one hand, the other with a phone to their ear. Very often not paying attention to traffic and what’s going on around them. Can’t your phone call wait? Can’t you stay “in the moment” with your kid for a few minutes while you push them through the neighborhood? Don’t you want to talk with them? Make observations to them? Show them things?

I see Dads leading a family convoy on bikes, out in front of the pack!  Leaving the kids un-observed from behind while cruising city streets and crosswalks. Dad just has to get his workout in.

Then there’s the restaurant scene featuring adults having a conversation while a child sits mute…bored expression on their face while they play with their own personal iPhone or Pad.

Why do we have to multi-task? Why do we put such little value on interacting with our own kids? Especially when we insist they are “special”…gifted and creative. Are we living in a culture that gives us a pass on self-denial?

I heard Deena Centofanti on Fox2 mention the other day that their kids have to go “device-free” from 4-8pm every day.  WOW! I’m sure that new rule didn’t go over big with the little ones. In fact, that’s a good point: By insisting your kids interact with other humans (or even pets) you’re doing your kids a HUGE favor in teaching them social skills…but not without cost…TO YOU, the parent. The amount of whining and complaining over a “no device rule” would be enormous…and that means parents have to suffer through it. That in turn affects a parent’s serenity…their own personal time.

Can you be a good parent without a little sacrifice? I’m a big fan of parents/grandparents who do things with their kids that are very low tech. Not just finding something to keep them “busy” so they don’t make noise.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m a classic “cranky old guy”. I get aggravated by a slow bottle of ketchup. I don’t have much patience. I don’t like to deny myself much.

But like the old saying goes “God keeps giving me opportunities to develop it.”



Happy Birthday to all of our Marines!

This is a great article on our US Marine Corps you may want to read. I found it gave me an even greater understanding and appreciation for the women and men who are American’s Elie.

Many of you helped The Marines every year at Christmas when we did our live, Toys for Tots program. It was fascinating to see “the other side” of a branch of the military we’ve always respected for being among the toughest, most disciplined fighters we have. Here’s a couple of pictures from our morning show broadcasts to show you the warmer side of our Marines.



Please share so all the Vets we love know about this…


Despite all the politics, the division, the back-and forth on everything from Presidential candidates to what color your coffee cup should be, almost all of us support our men and women who have served in the military. If you don’t…well I don’t know what to say to you, but I was really impressed by how many different companies offer great deals to veterans. I sent this to Mike Bradley from our old morning show and he knew about a couple of these, but was unaware of most. I can think of no better way of supporting our troops this year than sharing this so as many people as possible see these discounts and freebies. And if you know of any others, or are with a business that offers perks to Vets, please post it. Thank You Veterans…Happy Veterans Day and many of us consider fixing the VA a VERY important issue. God Bless You.-Jim

Click this link for discounts for Vets.