Thank You!


(Daughter Eileen, Wife Amy and Oakland Co. Sherriff Michael Bouchard)

Last night we got together to raise money to help The O’Rourke Family, who lost their Dad/Husband, Sgt. Patrick O’Rourke who was killed on a domestic police call in W. Bloomfield a while back. At least that’s what what I thought we were doing...raising funds for a family in need. But it is clear to me now that it was so much more than a fundraiser. It was an example of how people in our hometown connect on the most basic, sincere, and personal level when some of us are hurting.

“Love is not patronizing and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead.”
― Mother Teresa

When I think about the event last night at THE STAND Bistro in Birmingham last night, and review the pictures for this blog, It’s clear to me that this wasn’t just about money…it was about Love.

BhamCops                    (Some of Birmingham’s Finest…Happy to support a Fallen Brother’s Family.)

Lots of folks came out despite the chilly night, to have a drink served up by our celebrity bartenders. Our sincere thanks to our Media friends and family. All of them had worked a long, hard week and most had been up since before dawn. But with big smiles and warm hearts, they gave a lot of love.


(WNIC/Fox2’s Jay Towers and Ch7’s Any Prakash making cocktails)


WNIC’s Kam Carman, Mr & Mrs. Chris Edwards and Anu Prakash from Ch7


Rae and Kathy, our FAVorite members of The Magic Family, with Kam and Lynn Harper from The Wow Factory.


Ch7’s Chris Edwards and me. Chris is one of the most gracious, humble and generous guys on TV.


Two VERY manly-men…never far from the bar. Fox2’s Jason Carr and Mike Bradley.


Our great friend, WCSX Morning Man, Jim O’Brien who has already done a lot of work to raise money for The O’Rourkes, right after Patrick’s “watch ended”. Jim got the party started when he took the mic and stayed until the evening was over.




Our Good Friend Eric Gorges, Host of PBS-Detroit’s “A Craftsmen’s Legacy” with Amy and Eileen O’Rourke.


Fox2 Giants, Jay Towers, Deena Centofanti and Jason Carr.


Our Good Friends Dr. John and Allison Pappas who kicked off the donations with a very generous amount. That got the money flowing!


Talk about a “small world”, Amy O’Rourke took care of Kam’s babies in the NICU at Beaumont when they were born. The is the first time they’ve seen each other since.


Fox 2’s Deena and Jay are always willing to help out a worthy cause and are  so warm and friendly to everyone.


Yes…there were babes there. Our friend Nicole and her “posse” lit up the room when they arrived. Pictured here with Lynn.


There is no sense of “TV competition” when it comes to helping folks out. Fox 2’s Jason Carr and Ch7’s Anu Prakash.


The fact that the night made Amy O’Rourke smile was all I needed to see.


(John Kelly your Host and Owner “The Stand” Bistro, Sherriff Bouchard, Jim Harper)

Thank You, Everyone who came out last night. Now tonight, we’ve got a four-course dinner at The Stand and tickets are still available! Snow or not, call 248-220-4237 for reservations. I can think of no better place to be snowed-in than The Stand Bistro, Maple & Woodward in Birmingham. Tickets are $80, $100 with a wine paring. There will be some cool auctions and all the proceeds go to The O’Rourke Family.

Hope to see you there tonight!

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