I don’t mean to be mean…

charlie-sheenI feel badly for anyone who’s got a disease. Even if it’s a result of a person’s personal behavior or lifestyle. God knows we’re all eligible.

But with EVERYthing going on in the world at this very moment, how in the world does Charlie Sheen’s admission that he’s HIV positive, rate as an important story? Especially after keeping it a secret and risking others health for so many years?

I don’t think it does.

We all have problems…as individuals and as a community…a neighborhood…a state and a nation.

I hope he’s well. I hope anyone who shared his life in any way is healthy. And maybe in some way, someone else will think twice about keeping something so important a secret, and not put others at risk.

But in the meantime…I won’t click on any site or buy any magazine that chooses to give this light.

Sorry, Charlie.


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