FollowUp and New People Poll-Question

Well Now I know why all the Italian guys are so confident with the ladies…

Seriously…this doesn’t make sense on the surface. I’ve O.D.’ed on garlic in food form and I can smell it in my sweat…not a winner! So how does garlic on a man create an attractive scent to women? Is it subconscious ? I’ve heard psychologists say that a woman will sometimes find a man attractive if he smells like her Father. Perhaps what’s really happening is that eating garlic enhances a man’s personal scent, and it might simply make a guy smell like Dad’s big ol’ bear-hug after a hard day at work?


Of course this conversation gets creepy in a hurry, so I’ll simply ask this:

“Ladies, what’s your favorite scent on a man?”

I’ll be surprised if the answer given most often isn’t “His natural scent.”…

Paging Dr. Freud….


Thank You, to all who commented on the hot topic of the “Man Buns” this week. Overwhelmingly, you Ladies voted it down for a variety of reasons. So any guys wondering about wearing their long hair in a bun should probably think twice.-Jim


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