How do you create balance in this high-tech world?

Check out this very appropriate jab at how our phones are “sucking” our lives away….

As I try to figure out a new way to communicate with you via technology…either a Livestream broadcast in the morning, a Periscope App, or a YouTube channel, or even a podcast, I find myself spending more and more time with my face sucked into a screen.


Granted, I’m an old guy…I am just barely making my way into a world that’s been out there for quite a while now, and anyone under 30 can do this in seconds (have you ever given your device to a 10 year old when you need to get something to work?)

I’ll get there…

I’m trying something “new” and I’m a pretty quick study but I hate getting so amped up I stay awake long after Lynn’s gone to bed, trying to figure out how to make this all work. I remember when computers first became available for home-use and it took six hours just to get your dot matrix printer to work. A tech-guy once told me the best accessory to buy when installing new things on your computer is a big clock, so you can see how much time you’re wasting.

But I’m back at that point where I’m starting to think this work should be tempered. Maybe I should start following some “rules” to keep the balance? I hate driving around seeing 4 out of 5 drivers either on the phone or worse. I already have my own rule about “no phone when sitting down to eat or drink”, whether I’m at home or out with people.


But here I am composing this blog-post, while I should be on the road taking care of an errand.

What “rules” do you and your family have? A friend of ours is a Mom and she has a “no devices from 4-8pm every night-rule” for her kids. I think that’s a good one. Lynn and I have never discussed it, but if one of us is talking, the other puts down the phone or laptop to offer undivided attention. I think that’s just plain courtesy.

I’m looking forward to your feedback…as always,



One thought on “How do you create balance in this high-tech world?

  1. I love technology, I live for it actually, but you do need to ‘step away from the machine” daily I make time to go outside, call humans on the phone,read a book etc.. I truly believe the internet was the greatest invention. Skype enables us to speak to anyone around the globe for free. FB helps the folks stuck at home to have a social life, you can make a living online in various ways, get medical help, an cut time mailing and running errands…Great post and feel free to message me if you get stuck..I will respond rapidly….LOL
    These are wonderful points, Kimmer. Thanks for following us and helping us out with our new project (this blog). Your blog is the un-offical historian of all things Detroit.-Jim


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