Please share so all the Vets we love know about this…


Despite all the politics, the division, the back-and forth on everything from Presidential candidates to what color your coffee cup should be, almost all of us support our men and women who have served in the military. If you don’t…well I don’t know what to say to you, but I was really impressed by how many different companies offer great deals to veterans. I sent this to Mike Bradley from our old morning show and he knew about a couple of these, but was unaware of most. I can think of no better way of supporting our troops this year than sharing this so as many people as possible see these discounts and freebies. And if you know of any others, or are with a business that offers perks to Vets, please post it. Thank You Veterans…Happy Veterans Day and many of us consider fixing the VA a VERY important issue. God Bless You.-Jim

Click this link for discounts for Vets.

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