People Poll-Question for The Ladies….

Alright, let’s hear it…what do you Ladies think about “The Man Bun”?

Man bun

It’s kind of a Hipster-thing…mostly younger guys who have enough hair in back to put it in a bun of sorts. I remember years ago when I was deep into Kung Fu, my teacher wore one. He was not Asian. It looked pretty cool in the dojo.


But when a guy is wearing a man-bun and contemporary clothes, you usually don’t think of Martial Arts.


I can tell you some of my best Guy-Friends have worn it that way. They have pretty long hair and it looks cool. I don’t think I could ever pull this off. I wouldn’t even try. I think we all agree, when a guy gets over 50, and is “thin up front”, it looks pretty pathetic when he grows it long in back and makes up for going bald by sporting a ponytail.

But it’s up to YOU, Ladies…you could be doing us all a huge favor by weighing in here. I’ll post your comments so please join in. And if you do end up loving the man-bun, I’ll be online ordering this for the upcoming Holidays…

clip_on_man_buns_grouponThat’s right…CLIP-ON man buns are now for sale on the web!

10 thoughts on “People Poll-Question for The Ladies….

  1. No, no, no no, no. I feel the same way about man buns as I do about male pony tails. I like to be able to tell men and women apart, from the front, as well as from the back. With buns and ponies, many times I just can’t tell a male from a female.

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    1. It depends on man.. some men look quite handsome with a man bun and others look like they don’t have time to shower .. As far as a pony tail, some men look great with shoulder length hair but I’m not a fan of anything longer .. Please don’t order a fake man bun yuck ..


  2. I’d like to see the “Man Bun” quickly follow the “Mullet”. I don’t mind long hair on a man, or a ponytail; if kept clean. But buns just look like unfortunate growths covered by hair.


  3. So here’s the thing, it’s not my thing. Unless you have incredibly well kept long hair, keep it sophisticated and clean cut. However, for some cultures it’s their identity and I’m okay with that. In a dojo, sure why not. Working with mechanical equipment, you betcha. But as a fashion statement, it doesn’t do a thing for me except turn me in the other direction. There are exceptions to that and that would be a really good head of hair that’s been groomed to be long and sexy flowing – that “can be” a serious deal maker.

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