Drive Time Radio

So here’s what we’re thinking: I am going to broadcasting in the morning, during morning rush hour from the car. Driving to work along with you. It will be LIVE and you’ll get a heads up here on FB before each show. I’ll try and make it possible to answer questions and get feedback from YOU, just like when we used to take phone calls on the radio. You can listen/watch LIVE ON YOUR PHONE or iPad, laptop etc. or watch a re-broadast here anytime it’s convenient for you. That’s the plan…hopefully starting next week. And we’ll call it DRIVE TIME RADIO. Stay tuned…this is gonna be funchevy

4 thoughts on “Drive Time Radio

  1. My ears & innards are looking forward to hearing your voice & basking in your vibes again, Jim! —Astrology-wise, Wednesday, November 11th’s New Moon, is most auspicious day of the month for launching and selling fresh ideas, “new” beginnings. I predict a good time will be had by all.
    Thanks for that forecast, Denny. In all the years I’ve known you, you’ve never been wrong. I’m gonna try and shoot for some kind of launch on Wednesday. Be well.-Jim


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