Together, we’ve always taken care of each other.


Whenever someone asks me “Do you miss doing your Radio show?”, the answer I always give is “I miss the people…and all the good work we did to help folks out.”  Although we never planned it that way, our show over the years became almost like a “church”…it felt that way to me, anyway. When someone in our area was in trouble, we’d talk about it on the air…come up with a plan to help out, and then YOU…our Radio Family would come together and help out with food, clothing, cash, Toys for Tots, Blood Drives…whatever was needed. Including dropping our own pants if that’s what it took. (Producer Mike Bradley was always the best sport)


And that’s what I miss the most.

We all have our views and opinions on how to solve the problems of the world. But this I know firsthand: When you keep it simple and honest, Detroiters always find a way and come through for people in trouble.

Since retirement, I haven’t had the forum to help people like I used to. But I tell myself “That’s OK…there are a lot of great Radio & TV personalities in Detroit and they’re always helping out charities and good causes.”

But then my wife Lynn and I met John Kelly, who owns The Stand Resturant in Birmingham. John hired Lynn’s PR company, The WOW Factory and said he wanted to make his place a helpful part of the community. He wants to do regular community and charity fundraisers and “use his powers for good”.  We like that. Just like so many of our old radio advertisers like Gordon Chevrolet, Ahee Jewelers, Art Van, Centurion Carpet Cleaning, and Joe’s Produce, John Kelly understands that when you help out your local community, business takes care of itself. (below: The late Brother Vince from The Capuchin Soup Kitchen who, along with your generosity, helped clothe thousands of needy kids and parents in Detroit)

2008-06-23 13-39

So we’re doing a “party” to raise funds for a local family and we really need YOUR help.

Not long ago, Sgt. Patrick O’Rourke of the West Bloomfield Police was killed on a domestic call. It was awful. And a reminder of how our men and women in uniform put their very lives on the line every single day to keep us safe. (read story here)

Officer O’Rourke left behind a wife and four kids. And we’re getting together Friday Nov 20th at The Stand in Birmingham (Woodward and Maple) starting at 6pm. There is no admission charge! It’s free to attend! All the proceeds that night will go directly to The O’Rourke Family, just in time for the holidays and  their normal living expenses. As many of you know, when an officer is lost, the family is usually devastated financially, as well as emotionally.

(Sgt. Patrick O’Rourke)


And here’s a very cool thing about this event: EVERYone I’ve reached out to in the Radio & TV world has agreed to attend (if they’re not doing some other charity event). This is going to be the largest assembly of local celebs I think there’s ever been. And they’ll all be at The Stand to be your celebrity bartenders and hang out all night while we all enjoy some great food and drink. I’ll run down the list of celebs later on this blog.

In the meantime…PLEASE consider coming Nov 20th to The Stand for “Back The Blue-Night”. You don’t need a reservation, just grab some friends and come on down, anytime after 6pm.

As you and I both know: There’s no greater feeling, than sharing the love and generosity we all have in our hearts. Especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up soon.

marinehug(U.S. Marine and child at Toys For Tots.)

And we’ll be there of course, with a big Thank You Hug for anyone who needs one. I know I do.

God Bless You for sharing this on your Facebook and Twitter pages,


One thought on “Together, we’ve always taken care of each other.

  1. Jim when we worked together I thought one of your gifts was your warm voice until I discovered it was real. You as this fund raiser shows wear it well!
    Thanks George. I continue to learn more from you every day with your own blog. Thank You for teaching me that the key to success in Radio, as well as any life, it to be yourself, and to make sure you are a person of character, high standards and being a quality entertainer. And then there were the funny George-isms like “OK…let’s end the meeting now before we talk ourselves out of this great idea!”. -Jim

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