So I’ve decided to create a blog.

Hello Friends and Family.

After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to go beyond Facebook and actually write a blog, with the intention to create a virtual “Morning Radio Show” on the web. It won’t really be like a podcast or web-streaming show (at least not yet) but it WILL hopefully be a chance for you and me to share the same kind of experience we had for so many years on WNIC-FM and Magic 105.1 Radio.

Bear with me. This is all new and although I consider myself to be pretty good at learning new things, I understand I am “pretty new to the party” of having my own site. So if this appears rough at first and not very advanced, I hope you will bear with me.

My only desire is to re-create the warm, family-feeling we shared for so long.2012-03-03 09-32So…here we go!

One thought on “So I’ve decided to create a blog.

  1. Thank you……loved reading every word. i so agree with you about daylight savings time….been complaining about it for many years… is just too ridiculous…..I hate it….need to quit switching it back and forth! How can we go about doing that? Also, thanks for the great Halloween memories! This year I had over 100 trick or treaters…..candy jutt barely made it to 8:00. I had to give up the few candies I was keeping for myself too…lol. but it was fun…cold but no rain anyway. Lookung forward to your next posting!
    Seems like most people agree with you and me, Arlene on DST. It just doesn’t make sense. Glad you had so many trick or treaters.I remember when we used to run out of candy, that’s when you started handing out pennies! Useless to kids back then…even more useless today. Thanks for reading, Arlene.-JIM


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